Amanda Wait - Program Director & All Star Coach
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Amanda has been with the Lions since the very beginning as an athlete in 2000, when she was a freshman in high school and continued through her
senior year.  She became a Lions coach during her junior year and has been coaching for us ever since.  Amanda took on the role of Program Director in
January 2018.  She began taking gymnastics lessons at the age of 5 at Gymnastics Etc.  She was a competitive gymnast and tumbler for seven years
and started cheerleading in junior high for her school.  After that, she began coaching recreational and competitive gymnastics for Gymnastics Etc.
throughout high school.  Along with being a Lions all star cheerleader, Amanda also cheered for Central Catholic High School.  She attended Northern
Illinois University where she cheered for all four years and competed at the NCA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship.  Amanda was also on NCA
Staff for six years, four of those as a Head Instructor.  She received several honors from NCA including Top Rookie Instructor, Top Veteran Instructor,
and Most Helpful Veteran Instructor.  She served as an NCA competition judge as well during that time.  Amanda has done choreography for school
teams, and also assists with the choreography for our  teams. She coached the cheerleading team at Bloomington Junior High School from 2013-2015.  
Her team there was state runner-up at the 2015 IESA State Cheerleading Championship.  Amanda is USASF Credentialed in Levels 1-5.
Mario Lewis - All Star Coach & Tumbling Instructor
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Mario began with the Lions as an athlete in 2001, when he was a sophomore in high school, and continued through his senior year.  He became a Lions
coach during his senior year and has remained in that role, with tumbling and conditioning being his specialties.  Mario is a self-taught tumbler, who was
initially seen tumbling at a local open gym, where they asked him to start teaching gymnastics classes.  He began coaching there when he was in 8th
grade, and has continued to coach tumbling ever since, including experience coaching a competitive tumbling team.  Mario is a personal
trainer and is certified through AFAA and ACE.  He is also a Certified Injury Prevention Coach and is CPR and AED certified.  Mario is USASF
Credentialed in Levels 1-5.
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